Students Encouraging Environmental Dedication

SEED is a new program by SSC to help student organizations become more green. We give orgs suggestions in all categories of their structure and functioning to develop more environmentally friendly habits.

Here is an introduction to our program, SSC is currently working on developing the Beta program into its final form for next semester. Let us know at if you think your org is interested in joining the program or you'd like more info.

We modeled SEED after LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design green building standards), and we will provide the following to those orgs who join us:

  • advertising for your org,
  • resources to help your org be more green, 
  • subsidies for green projects and events,
  • and more!

Program Purpose

The Sustainable Student Orgs program aims to support CWRU’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral while building a student community interested in developing sustainable practices. Our program strives to give student orgs the resources they need to be more sustainable, to create a sustainability network between those orgs, and to build a culture of sustainability in our student orgs and among our student body.

Sustainability: incorporating awareness of natural resource usage and our impact on the environment into decision-making. 


Contact: for more info!