Green Your Own Event!

1. Recycle what you are already using! In blue-bag-lined plastic-metal-glass bins, you can place...

  • plastic bottles, cups, and containers
  • metal cans and aluminum catering pans
  • glass bottles
  • paper! -- CWRU is now single stream
  • cardboard -- should be broken down and placed behind/next to bins

2. Make waste stations! Delegate someone to arrange  bins in stations each with...

  • landfill bin
  • recycling bin -- since we are single stream, plastic, metal, glass, and paper can all go into one bin!

3. Remind attendees how to recycle!

  • Print recycling signs and post them on waste station bins.
  • During announcements, remind attendees which of their items are recyclable.

4. Buy recyclable and reusable products!

  • Plastic cups instead of Styrofoam.
  • Two liter bottles for soft drinks instead of cans.
  • Pitchers of water instead of bottles.
  • Paper Plates(Cannot be recycled, but less damaging than Styrofoam)

5. Advertise without paper!

  • Chalking
  • Electronic billboards
  • Social media
  • In class announcements

6. Contact us!

  • We Can provide your group with more in depth information to help keep your event green!
  • We can also help you plan your events
  • Contact us at