The USG Finance Committee

The USG Finance Committee operates to allocate, disburse, and report all USG-recognized student organization funding. The committee meets weekly to review rolling funding requests, new organization requests, and re-allocation requests.



Spring 2017 Mass Funding

Submissions are now open for Spring 2017 Mass Funding! Please submit budgets on OrgSync!

Funding Guidelines: Funding Guidelines

Mass Funding Guide: Mass_Funding_Guide_Fall_2016

In place of Mass Funding workshops, Vice President Pierre and Finance Committee Representatives will be holding office hours to assist you in submitting Mass Funding. Below is a Google Calendar showing the time slots that a member of the committee will be present in the USG Office. Any questions can be directed to Vice President Pierre at!

Fall 2016 Rolling Funding

Fall 2016 Rolling Funding is now available! Submit budget requests on OrgSync!

*All Rolling Funding budgets must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in denial of the request, as determined by the Finance Committee

Tutorials: How to Apply for Rolling Funding 

New Organization Requests: OrgSync New Registration

Co-Sponsorship Requests: Co-Sponsorship Request Form

Reimbursement Questions: Treasurers,

All other questions: VP Tommy Pierre,

Finance Committee Resources

The go-to guide for all non-financial USG student group resources:

The go-to guide for Requesting Funding: USG Payment/Withdrawal Request Process

Finance Committee Meetings

The USG Finance Committee meets every Thursday night
Location: Determined on a weekly basis. Please see VP Pierre for exact locations
Time: 8pm
Unless otherwise noted, all USG Finance Committee meetings are open to the student body.
Groups interested in recognition must present to the committee.
All Committee Member office hours take place in the USG office in the Tinkham Veale University Center 

Weekly Financial Documents

Information about pending rolling funding budget requests as well as pending new student organization recognitions can be found in our weekly Finance Committee minutes. 

Finance Committee Minutes

Finance Committee Members


Tommy Pierre, Vice President of Finance


Office Hours (USG Office):

Please see my Google Calendar for up to date office hours

Jeffrey Noymer, Treasurer

Potential Conflicts of Interest: *Student Sustainability Council, CWRU Capital


Tim O'Shea, Finance Committee Secretary

Potential Conflicts of Interest: *CWRU Red Cross, Fencing Club, TASA


Joseph Palmeri, Representative

Potential Conflicts of Interest: Scuba Club, AIChe


Priyal Chadha, Treasurer

Potential Conflicts of Interest: uISA, She's the First 

Office Hours: Monday 12:30pm-5:30pm, Wednesday 12:30pm-1:45pm


Shrey Agarwal, Representative 

Potential Conflicts of Interest: *Equestrian Club, Scuba Club, UISA, Firearms Club


Maya Rao, Treasurer

Potential Conflicts of Interest: *Undergraduate Macromolecular Student Organization