USG Election: Elevator Pitches


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Ivy Petsinger

I am Ivy Petsinger and I would be honored and humbled to serve as your student body president. I believe the overarching principles that should guide USG next year are Inclusion, Transparency, and Collaboration. My primary goal is promoting an inclusive campus. While I cannot control what happens in the world around us, I will do everything in my power to make every single student on this campus feel safe, protected, and included. This has taken on particular urgency given that the changing political climate has impacted members of our University community. Secondly, it is only through transparency that we can truly advocate for students. Unless we effectively communicate our efforts, successes, and failures, we cannot strive to be truly accessible and approachable to the student body, and as such we cannot hope to represent anyone successfully. Thirdly, collaboration is a powerful force for making the voices of many speak louder than merely the sum of their parts. With a strong vision, a proven track record, and bold new ideas, I hope you will entrust me with the presidency of USG. It would be my honor to serve our community, so that USG can continue to put “Students First”.


Vice President of Student Life

Andrew Thompson

My name is Andrew Thompson, and I am hoping to be the next Vice President of Student Life. This year, I served not just as the Secretary of the Student Life Committee, but also on four other USG committees, ad-hocs, and boards. I was the main author of the majority of legislation passed this year, including USG’s response to the Need-Aware admissions policy and the resolution demanding the University become a Sanctuary Campus. Next year, I will focus on campus transportation (including creative solutions for the KSL Shuttle Stop and SafeRide wait times), safety and security (including specific long term changes in how Case maintains lighting and security systems), dining plans, and school spirit. In general, as an Executive Committee member and Vice President, I hope to set clear expectations for Representatives to ensure accountability and also create a fun and inclusive atmosphere to bolster retention of membership. I have dreamt of holding this role since my first days in USG, and this hardly scratches the surface of what I hope to work on this year. If elected VP of Student Life, I promise that I will never forget my responsibility to put students first.

Benjamin Tooke

My name is Benjamin Tooke and I am asking for your confidence in electing me to the Vice Presidency of Student Life. In this role, I want to empower representatives to fulfill their potential in catalyzing meaningful change on campus to improve the overall student experience. I plan to utilize the potential new structure of USG to delegate in such a way that individual representatives are able to build strong foundations fighting for issues for which they care deeply. I approach this position with previous experiences on the Student Life and Executive Committees that have provided me with unique ideas for the direction of committee. I plan to implement a “One-Email Initiative” system that will allow the Student Life committee to keep the administration on its toes regarding smaller scale issues on campus while we continue to aim for our big picture goals. Minor successes for the committee increase morale and are essential on the journey to larger milestones. USG is working tirelessly to improve the student experience on campus, and it is time for students to feel the actual, tangible impact of our work.

Rishi Solanki

My campaign is all about listening, honesty, and tirelessly foghting for your conecerns. You, my constituesnts, will determine the agenda. I want to further improve the shuttle system, particularly signage as routes change. I want to improve saferide at late hours. And I want to increase safety on campus and expand access hours to facilities. I want students on campus to fee lthat their concerns are heard, and more than anything else I want students to know I will fight itirelessly for their concerns and ideas, if they have good ideas to make Case Western Reserve a better place for all.


Vice President of Academic Affairs

Prince Ghosh

My name is Prince Ghosh, I'm re-running to serve as your Vice President of Academic Affairs and I want to continue to serve as the voice that let's administration know that at CWRU, student interest should come first. I, alongside the Academic Affairs committee, have made tremendous headway over this past year towards improving the undergraduate academic experience, and I want to continue to push for even more next year.

Jonathan Stebbins

Tuition is $47000, graduation rate is 80.6%. Those facts alone are motivating. My letter of intent is way too long, but the biggest issues for me are a lack of coherent course scheduling, a lack of connection between students and faculty, and a need for better extracurricular activities. I believe we need blocked time for student organizations and projects, and for meeting with professors and lab groups. Community Hour is insufficient. We also need student groups to better incorporated within respective departments where they can have a voice. We could also save money on new hires for departments and offices by hiring and paying student interns. Students should also be present at departmental meetings. Extracurricular activities could be enhanced by an allocated fund where students vote on their favorite student-initiated ideas, student-taught classes, and credit for local service projects involving research and action. If you would like more details, check out my letter of intent or email me at I am a third-year geology major. I am a Jew who likes to do yoga and rock climb. Experience: year as treasurer then business manager of Glee Club, president of NAPS.


Vice President of Finance

Maya Rao

I have served on the Finance Committee for the past two academic years, both as a representative and now as a Treasurer. I am thrilled to be running for the position of Vice President of Finance, and I hope to accomplish both internal and external goals. Internally, I want to empower representatives by keeping them engaged in the work the Finance Committee and the USG as a whole are doing and by introducing initiatives geared towards improving resources for student organizations. I also hope to develop a template for co-sponsorship requests, which are currently evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Externally, I want to foster open, honest communication with the SEC and the potential new Allocations Committee. Most of all, I hope to continue supporting our student organizations by advertising and increasing the resources available to them through the SPARTA center and USG. Collaboration between student orgs is an invaluable resource, and I feel that by providing financial incentives for joint events, our student groups could reach new heights in terms of programming and student outreach. I would be honored to serve as your VP of Finance, and I thank you for your consideration!

Justin Lee

Trump 2020


Vice President of Public Relations

Tim Nicholas

Hi CWRU! My name is Tim and I am running for re-election as the Vice President of Public Relations (PR)! As this year’s VP of PR I increased USG’s Facebook engagement by over 220%; developed and installed the Campus Concerns Box in Tink (with over 100 submissions so far); and increased our Feedback Friday survey response rate by over 20% by doing weekly giveaways of candy and pens in Sears. My PR work has also lead to the Fall 2016 USG election being the most competitive election in recent USG history, with a record-setting 54% voter turnout and USG-high of 31 candidates competing.      If elected next year, I will continue to expand all of the great that things we have done this year. Specifically, I will be re-hauling USG’s website to be more sleek and user-friendly. The cornerstone of this change will be adding an Initiative Tracker: a single page where students could easily view and keep track of all USG initiatives and their progress, letting you better reach your government. I will also continue expanding our social media presence, using Facebook to livestream USG meetings and Snapchat to make USG easier to reach!      Reach Your Government!

Ari Menon

I strive to bridge the gap between the student body and the elected representatives, and I believe that involving the student body on issues that are being worked on by the USG will help achieve that objective. As Vice President of Public Relations, I will work to do exactly that.


Vice President of Information Technology

Samhitha Cinthala

My name is Samhitha Cinthala and I am a first-year student at Case Western Reserve University. I have been fascinated by the number of opportunities undergraduate students have to develop their interests and collaborate with fellow students and faculty on campus and I am applying for the Vice President position for Information Technology on USG because I am a firm proponent of collaborative learning and facilitation in communication for students through technology to help students simultaneously learn information and share their interests with others. Through the usage of technology, we can form more interactive platforms for effective communication to occur between USG and the student body and we can also come up with more beneficial ideas and programs for students in accordance with their interests and needs. I have experience working as a team lead for mobile application committees and I am very interested in bringing these experiences into a team project on USG as Vice President of Information Technology to create a mobile application for USG. I am dedicated to all tasks given to me and put my best effort to be an effective leader and team member.


Chief Judicial Officer

Anshul Dhingra

Last year on USG, I served on the Public Relations Committee, and have been in charge of Feedback Friday, which is a survey program gathering student input on pressing matters on campus. Since I took over the program, we have seen a 21.6% increase in student responses. I hope to be able to take what I have learned and bring it to the executive committee of USG while serving as the Chief Judicial Officer. The CJO is the authority on the Constitution and all of the bylaws in the USG, and serves as the head of the Judicial Board. This year, I sat on J-Board, and have an entire year’s worth of experience seeing how the board works, and the responsibilities that being on it entails, including but not limited to scheduling disciplinary hearings, dealing with problems with student organizations, and conducting a complete audit of the USG constitution and its bylaws. I believe I am a good fit for this position, and have always been one to stand up for what I think the organization should be doing, regardless of what individual members think. I believe I will bring a unique perspective to the executive committee of USG and hope I am given the opportunity to serve as your CJO!

Parv Sud

Transparency: As a student here, I believe that USG can and should be transparent with the student body. I intend to make all governing documents easily accessible to the masses and ensure that every student is aware of the inner workings of the organization.  Efficiency: I intend to ensure that USG is as efficient as possible to ensure that they are able to address every student’s needs and here their voices.  Voter Turnout: I strongly believe that given USG’s importance and role at CWRU, voter turnout must be focused on to ensure that the students and their opinions are being represented.

Andres Perez

Transparency and accountability. I want to bring back live streamed USG meetings. Also, I want to work on solutions to help ease members' time constraints by exploring online meeting platforms (GoToMeeting,, etc), so as to decrease the number of attendance reviews.


Representative for Case School of Engineering

Jered Butler

One thing I noticed while serving on USG this past year is that Many minority students believe that USG does not properly represent them and is complacent about issues involving diversity and inclusion.  I also feel that the establishment of UDC has made USG complacent with tackling issues of diversity and inclusion. While UDC is a strong voice for the minority students at this university, I do not feel that their existence pardons USG from the work of diversity. If allowed to serve on USG once more, I will make sure USG is a prevalent force in the advocation of issues such as these.

Sydney Davis

For the past year, I have served as a representative for the School of Engineering on the USG Finance Committee. I hope to continue to advocate for student groups by consistently auditing the USG funding guidelines to ensure that the Student Activities Fee maximally benefits CWRU undergraduates. Additionally, I hope to improve OrgSync to make it a more efficient and comprehensive resource for both existing organizations and students looking to get more involved. I will listen intently to any concerns of my constituents and act appropriately in an effort to improve the CWRU experience.

Anshul Dhingra

I have been serving on the Public Relations Committee since I was elected to USG. Since I took over the Feedback Friday program, we have seen a 21.6% increase in student responses, and I hope to continue make progress in this area. 

It is difficult to stand up to an organization and tell them that they are crossing a line or doing something the organization as a whole shouldn’t be. But I have done this in the past, even if my voice was the unpopular opinion, and I will continue to do so. I hope you will allow me to continue you to serve you through the USG as your representative.

Steven Ellefson

I aim to address parking issues, student conduct procedural changes, and improvements to the engineering student curriculum.

Simi Ganjoo

My goal is to help faclitate more effective interactions between organizations and the Finance Committee. I hope to help promote more efficient transitions from one executive board to another and to expedite the Mass Funding process. I believe that clubs add a lot of value to our community, and my goal is to make sure that they continue to program and help students explore their non-academic interests.

Prince Ghosh

My name is Prince Ghosh, I serve as the current Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Undergradaute Student Government, have served as a college of Engineering representative in the past, and seek to continue to bring positive change to both the Case School of Engineering who I'm elected to represent, as well as the CWRU undergraduate community as a whole. I want to make that any sure university wide policies first and foremost align with student interests, have strived to do so over these past two years, and want to continue to fight for you next year as well.

Amogh Iyer

I am an excellent candidate to serve as an USG representative because I have served on USG for a semester and know how to legislate and get work done. If elected once again, one of my biggest focuses will be to work on ensuring all classes will be offered both semesters. Right now some important major related classes are only offered in the fall or the spring, and for people who go on co-ops or study abroad, when they come back to CWRU, they find that they can not take certain classes and get thrown off schedule. Another large focus of mine will be increasing diversity and inclusion on campus.

Sean Michael Jose

There are a number of issues I would like to address if elected. However, I have my sights set on two particularly. One would be campus security. Last semester, while walking down Euclid I witnessed two people getting attacked by another group. After calling the police, this made me realize we're not as safe as we thought. It's necessary to better campus security and teach students on how to defend themselves in case the worst happens. Another issue I'd like to solve is the unreliability of the campus bus transportation system. People wait much longer than expected for the greenies.

Jesulayomi Kupoluyi

I'm currently a Computer Science and Biomedical engineering double major, and if elected, I'd like to deal with the issue of the misrepresentation of international students on campus. As a Nigerian international student, I feel excluded from most of the activities on campus, it seems as though most of the activities on campus are not in my favor. So I'd love to help resolve the issue of the voicelessness of international students. As the former student body present of my high school, advocating change in school related issues is something I'm accustomed to.

Divya Manoharan

My primary interest is growing CWRU into a school that provides a holistic educational experience for all of its students, exposing us not only to a broad range of breadth-first but also a wide variety of voices and mindsets to teach us how to foster inclusive environments wherever we go. I aim to address issues with the Diversity 360 curriculum (and have done significant work in this regard already) as well as fight strongly for the incorporation of more experiential learning opportunities onto Case's campus, including but not limited to the establishment of student-taught classes.

Ellie Martin

As a USG representative for the upcoming year, I would like to continue the work that I have started by again being a member of the Public Relations Committee, Fun Committee, and Diversity and Inclusion outreach team. In addition, I would like to get know my constituents and members of the engineering community on a more personal level. This will allow me to bring informed suggestions to the general assembly so that legislation can be formulated to improve the lives of students on CWRU's campus. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope I've earned your vote!
    Ellie Martin

David Nixon

If elected I would like to continue to serve on the USG Finance committee in order to ensure that the Student Activities Fee is being spent by organizations in a way that is both transparent and ethical. Additionally, my time serving as the Liaison for the USG Engineering Caucus has shown me just how impactful communication can be. As a result of this, I would like to establish a regular schedule for communication between the USG Engineering Caucus and the engineering student body, and also to ensure regular communication with the Dean of Engineering.

Olivia Chukwufumnanya Okafor

I will like to improve the diversity on campus by exposing CWRU to more countries in other for us to have a community of brilliant people from all over the world. I will also like to see more collaboration between USG and UDC

Rishi Solanki

As an elected Representative for the College of Engineering, my platform is based on three principles. 1.) A commitment to being accessible and to listen to your needs. 2.) A commitment to honesty and transparency regarding all initiatives brought forth involving the college of engineering.  And 3.) a commitment to represent your interests and always fight for them, to advocate for your needs, and protect what you so love about this great institution. Among my ideas: improve academic advising, expand access at ThinkBox to have it open to 10 PM every day.


Representative for College of Arts and Sciences

Kareem Agag

I believe there are certain core issues that tend to impact how life on campus is shaped.
1. Workload - CWRU has a large workload (even during breaks) that impacts how campus life is shaped with any liveliness only on weekends. 
2. Integration of international students - a huge disconnect between international students and domestic students. 
3. Lack of off-campus incentive - lack of exploration and connection with the Cleveland community. 
I will look to improve these issues through by working with my fellow USG members to attempt to decrease the workload and create off-campus incentive.

Hersh Bhatt

The particular issues I would like to address are School Pride and Spirit and work-life balance. 
For School Spirit and Pride, the university’s current plan to instill a sense of community is a good first start. But there is so much more that the university can do. One particular idea that could develop the sense of belonging at CWRU is inviting celebrities on a frequent basis to provide the entertainment that sports provides at other universities. The recent Trevor Noah show was a great example of this. Hosting such events on a more frequent basis is also beneficial for work-life balance.

Harper Case

I hope to make USG more approachable, and more accountable. By increasing transparency (through the Initiative Tracker I am currently working on developing) the student body would be able to hold USG accountable for addressing campus concerns in a timely manner. Additionally, as a theatre major, I hope to be an advocate for arts and humanities students who are too often overlooked because Case Western Reserve University is primarily a STEM school. #Case4Case

Samhitha Cinthala

My name is Samhitha Cinthala and I am a first-year student on the Pre-med track majoring in Music at Case Western Reserve University. I am very interested in running for the position of Representative for the College of Arts and Sciences on USG because I am a firm proponent of collaborative learning. I intend to give voice to those who are from diverse backgrounds in the STEM fields by collaborating with student service organizations on campus such as CCEL and WISER to engage the College of Arts and Sciences in supporting other student groups on campus in their endeavors.

Radhika Duggal

My name is Radhika, I’m running as your USG representative in the College of Arts and Sciences. Next semester, I’ll work to: 1) lower costs students attending Case have to pay by creating an online peer-to-peer sale page. 2) make a place for non-athletic clubs to show off their awards, not unlike that which already exists for athletic teams. 3) foster a stronger connection between USG and the student body as a whole. I believe that I’m a qualified candidate because of my skills in leadership, communication, and responsibility. With your vote, I can continue to follow my passion in serving you.

Koko Etokebe

I would like to address the issue of poor inside conditions of furniture and rooms in the humanities buildings on campus such as Mather House and Clark Hall. Not only do I want to address conditions in the buildings, I also want to look towards methods of creating inclusivity for humanities majors on campus so that student groups can better represent their interests. Finally, I would like to address the standards of the SAGES program. Although there are standards set in place, there appears to be inequality of experiences in different classes and a sense of dissatisfaction among students.

Marin Exler

In my campaign, I intend to address issues concerning funding for USG's student orgs, as well as instances of double standards on campus concerning academic issues. In terms of funding, we all know that USG had very little rollover for this semester, having an already tight budget for mass funding. My goal would be as a representative on the finance committee to tackle this predicament and figure out a way to avoid that. In terms of academia, it is unusual to me that CWRU accepts most AP credits, but are very strict on dual enrollment credits. I want to make these credits more available.

Haoliang (Alex) Guo

Bring more international food and change the background music in cafeterias to reflect the diversity of international students in this campus

Develop an international student ambassador program in African as well as other under representative countries. 

Yujie Hu

Creating a more representative and flexible mass funding guideline and increasing the transparency of the funding process.

Paritosh Joshi

My campaign will be based on the platform of diversity and inclusion. My main goal will be to make sure that USG remains an inclusive organization and incorporates underrepresented communities into its agendas and initiatives. This idea of diversity and inclusion extends beyond simply having them in USG but also making sure that we cater directly to their needs through a variety of means; in my case, I will be continuing my work on the University Food Committee to enhance dining hall services and include students with dietary restrictions even more in addition to the stuff I already work on.

Daniel Liu

My campaign is based on representing all students at CWRU and making their ideas be fulfilled. During this campaign, I will address improving resources for undecided students, accountability of USG, increased interaction among students, faculty, and administration, and increasing student interest in USG.

Jaimee Miller

Hello! My name is Jaimee Miller and I’m a third year Political Science and History student who cares a lot about diversity, inclusion, and making people feel safe and welcomed on campus. I’ve been involved with USG for about three weeks, and have already written and passed major legislation, including the Sanctuary Campus resolution and the resolution supporting free menstrual health products. My relative outsider perspective will help me keep USG accountable to you. I strive to be accessible, accountable, and inclusive in all I do. Thank you for your time, have a great day!

Sahaam Mirza

  My mission while being your representative is to make you feel more included at CWRU. The key to a successful college is where the campus feels like home. My goal is to make changes on campus that will make transitions smoother for incoming students, for example starting an advisory program that is run by students here at CWRU. My priority is to make decisions that will benefit my fellow students next year. Thank you for your time!

Timothy O'Shea

I am a passionate advocate for an equal and equitable distribution of the Student Activity Fee (SAF) paid by every undergraduate each semester. I have served on both the USG Finance and SEC Finance committees for the past year and understand how difficult a fair distribution of this fund to student groups can be. I believe that as long as an organization meets the standards set by our community and brings benefits to our community, it deserves the chance to work with the support of the student body behind it. As your representative, I hope to continue and improve upon this tradition at CWRU.

Aayush Parikh

If elected, I will continue towards building an Open Courseware (OCW) for Case Western. An OCW is a collection of courses, from Case, across all disciplines for anyone to access. This would help enable learning as more than requirements for graduation, and allow students to pursue interests. Additionally, I will represent the interest of all international students at General Assembly.

Maya Rao

For the past two years, I have served as a Representative, and now, a Treasurer on the USG’s Finance Committee. I hope to continue my role as an advocate and point of contact for members of the College of Arts & Sciences and for student organizations. I have made my commitment to advocacy and representation clear through my work on Resolution 26-02, and I also love being able to work with student groups on a daily basis through my role as the Tapingo store manager and as Treasurer. USG has helped me become a better leader and campus citizen, and I would be proud to play a role in it again.

Asha Ravichandran

If elected as a representative, I’d like to focus on promoting the intellectual curiosity of CWRU undergraduates. Students here are passionate about so many fields of study, and I’d like to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to explore all of their academic interests. To this goal, I would like to work on initiatives that promote faculty-student relationships and that streamline the SAGES program and general education requirements. In addition, I will continually solicit the feedback of my constituents: I will strive to make sure that every CWRU student’s voice is heard.

Chandrika Sanapala

I will be campaigning by talking to the constituents of the College of Arts and Sciences, and using Facebook to reach out to even larger number of students. 

Issues that I will address if elected mainly include the peer mentoring initiative I have been working on, and possibly looking into the possibilities of a Neuroscience major, as that is a Dean's Approved major I am currently pursuing.

Jacob Sandstrom

As a Representative, it is my goal to continue to advocate for CWRU undergraduates in a respectful, responsible, resourceful way. I will work extensively to serve the entire constituency, and make effective, thoughtful, favorable decisions that benefit all students. Furthermore, I will work to increase the lines of communication between the student body and the USG, as I have in the past by establishing the Campus Concerns Box and If elected, it will be an honor to continue to serve the CWRU community as a representative for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Jonathan Stebbins

Junior. Geology Major. Jew. Yoga. Rock-Climbing. I play piano.

Projects I will address: create schedule blocks for clubs (think expanded community hour), connect related student groups and departments, expand student academic involvement through student-taught classes and credit for service projects that research local issues and actively address them.

Andrew Thompson

My name is Andrew Thompson. This year, I served not just as the Secretary of the Student Life Committee, but also on 4 other USG committees, ad-hocs, and boards. I was the main author of the majority of legislation passed this year, including USG’s response to the Need-Aware admissions policy and the resolution demanding the University become a Sanctuary Campus. Next year, I will focus on campus transportation (including solutions for the KSL Shuttle Stop and SafeRide wait times) and safety and security (including specific changes in how Case maintains lighting and security systems). Thanks!

Benjamin Tooke

My name is Benjamin Tooke and I am asking for your vote to be elected to the USG.  I am currently a third year student majoring in Biochemistry who has served on the USG for three academic years.  I would like to further my progress on initiatives pertaining to student life on campus in order to make  a difference for the student body. I am involved in organizations on campus, which has allowed me to gauge student issues and gather feedback pertaining to the College of Arts and Sciences.  Continuing to be a representative of the USG is the best way for me to have the greatest impact at CWRU.

Priyanka Udayakumar

Since some students receive first year advisors who are not familiar with their intended majors, students should have access to adequate information in their major that only a department member could provide. I hope to increase the number of faculty representatives to ensure that each student has a point of reference to contact. Additionally, I would like to increase the number of outlets in certain study areas where they are needed and also improve spaces like the top floor of the Tinkham Veale University Center to make it more study friendly.

Thanvi Vatti

If elected as a Representative for the College of Arts and Sciences, I would like to address the issues of courses which are only offered one semester and variation of TA grading in labs. As a member of the Finance Committee, I hope to ensure Rolling Funding for 2nd semester next year as decided in Mass Funding, I wish to be elected to fairly represent student interest as it relates to organizations and funding on campus and increase my involvement in the CWRU community.

Sienna Warshawsky

This semester I worked on an initiative to help international students acquire state-issued ID cards in light of the recent hostility towards people of other nationalities by our federal government. This has been a rewarding experience, as I know that every student has the right to feel included at CWRU.

If re-elected, I will work hard to help all students have their voices heard by improving upon the initiative I began this semester to make CWRU a welcoming campus for people from all over the world. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Sami Xu

I'm Sami Xu, and I am running for the College of Arts and Sciences. If re-elected, I plan to continue my work with UH&CS to develop an ambassador program that provides POIs between students and health staff to ensure services are "easy, accessible, and approachable." My goals also encompass a stronger sexual misconduct program, enforcing our free menstrual product resolution, and incorporating experiential learning across all majors by allowing summer experiences like research and internships to be evaluated for credit for all departments, encouraging students to find external opportunities.


Representative for Weatherhead School of Management

Adrian Hattan

As a Representative for the Weatherhead School of Management, I will continue my work with the Student Life Committee and work with the issues that I value the most: creating an effective undergraduate experience, holding the CWRU community accountable to the commitment of diversity and inclusion, and providing reliable campus transportation for students.

Sarah Kim

I have served on the Undergraduate Student Government for the past 2 years and have been a member of the Student Life Committee for both of those years. If elected, I would like to increase and improve disability accessibility services.

Eliana Ondrejko

I am looking to address two key issues--school spirit and modes of communication between the administration and students. It is my belief that by addressing these issues for Weatherhead students and beyond, I will be able to work toward a future where students are aware of the opportunities available to them and are proud of the institution that provides them and the people in it.

Lillian Trambley

I have been involved in USG for all 4 semesters I've been at CWRU, in multiple capacities, and have loved every minute.  I would really appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the student body.
If elected my goals for the following year will be to establish a better presence of WSOM on our campus.  I know that WSOM can be very separated from both the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and I would like to facilitate more transparency between disciplines as well as provide more options for double majors or other minors.

Igor Tutelman

As a re-elected representative I hope to help address concerns addressing school of management students, such as myself. These include actively pursuing opportunities for networking, interning, and scheduling. The current possibilities within interning as a first/second-year undergraduate are limited and this is something I hope to improve. I plan to provide increased opportunities for students to engage with faculty in regards to education choices. Thank you for considering me for re-election, together we can build a stronger CWRU-Culture.

Kishor Kumar Veerashekar

The PBL cafe doesn't have a meal swipe system. Implementing that would give the students to use the meal swipe in PBL rather than using it the Thwing Center or Tink. In addition, these centers are further away from PBL. If executed, students who have very less time in between classes would be able to spend lesser time on getting food. 
PBL is a unique and well-designed building but students find it hard to get classrooms and faculty office rooms. In order to solve, we could put up maps of PBL on the walls, which will allow students to reach one part of the building to another very easily.

Han Wang

One of the issues that I would like to address if elected is the lack of advising faculty in the WSOM. Often time, the student who has sent an email about their inquiry without receiving in-time response would end up knocking at the academic advisor’s door without an appointment. Even though most of the matters that the students brought can be solved in minutes, occasions like this have resulted in a disruption to the advisor’s regular working hours, which can cause even more delays in other businesses that the academic advisors are trying to solve as well.


Representative for Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Arissa Tee

The nursing school is underrepresented in the Undergraduate Student Government. I believe this issue is due to the lack of communication between USG and the Undergraduate Student Nurses’ Association. My goal as a nursing representative is to be the mediator between these two organizations to ensure that the nursing students’ wellbeing is advocated for. For example, I would like to present to USG issues that are unique to nursing students such as finding transportation subsidies that allow nursing students to have a safer and faster way to theirs clinical in the greater Cleveland area.